Monday, September 5, 2011

Dog Days of Summer

I'm having trouble processing that today is Labor Day.  Where did the summer go?  Labor Day represents to me the end of summer even though the official end is not for a couple more weeks.  Today the weather here in Keedysville is cloudy and rainy.  Otis is doing exactly what I wanted to do all day....sleep.  We did get to take them for a walk at the Battlefield.  It was very nice walk.  We only ran into one person and that was on the way back to the vehicle.  No wildlife though.  I think the beagles were making way too much noise.

The poor puppies will be lonely tomorrow.  Ron was on vacation all week and took them for long and I mean long walks each and every day.  I think he enjoys them as much as they do.  Since he is a commuter he savors his time in the great outdoors.

Yesterday was our annual guild yard sale fundraiser. Each member can bring any hooking related item they wish to sell and if they sell it they are asked to donate 10% of the sale to the guild as a fundraiser.  I didn't take anything to sell, but I certainly bought some really nice items.  I got some old books and a Puritan floor stand.  I wanted something lightweight and easy to carry to outside events.  This should do the trick nicely.

On the way home from York PA my hubby and I stopped at an antique shop and they had a good selection of old rugs.  Several of them I wanted to take home with me, but the price tags made them out of reach for me.  I asked permission to take pictures, so enjoy.

I had a wonderful time in Ligionier PA.  I arrived a day early for my mini workshop with Barb Carroll and was able to go to the antique festival.  No major purchases for me, just a metal basket for the wool room,  Where else, right?  On Sunday we all went to the Rusty Angel in Greensboro (?) and I bought myself a couple items.  Sunday night we went to the Ligonier Diamond for a band concert.  I enjoy going to this concert each time I go to my mini workshop.  It's good music, but I love people watching.  The young and older couples holding hands and the little kids dancing along with the music just puts a smile on my face.  They even have a small antique car show.  It reminds me of a slower gives me the Mayberry feeling.  I even look for Andy Griffith, but he never shows.

I hope you have a wonderful slow paced week.  Take time to hold hands with the ones you love and dance along with the music.