Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Oh what a week(s)

Sorry I have not posted in the last couple weeks.  Some of you know this, but after working 22 yrs for a local government my position was eliminated in the name of budget cuts.  Well, I was hired by the Dept of Treasury.  I started training last week and I'm not so sure my old brain can handle all the information they are throwing at me.  I'm doing fine, but I do feel like I'm back in college or high school again.  Everyone seems so very nice and willing to help if you need it.  I must say I have never worked at a place like this.  I have worked with some nice people over the years, but here everyone seems genuinely nice.

I am getting ready for my annual mini workshop with Barb Carroll at the Woolley Fox.  I hope to take the camera with me and get some good photos for you.  Maybe on Labor Day I'll have time to actually post them.

Summer vacation is over for the kids here in Washington County, Maryland and the evenings have been cooler...it's starting to feel like fall.  I know it won't last and the heat will come back it always seems to happen as soon as the kids are in school.

Enjoy and hope for no more earthquakes.  Us east coast people aren't use to them.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Beautiful Friday

Ron and I took the doggies to the battlefield this morning.  We were a bit later than usual because we went to Goosecreek Ruggers Guild meeting last night in Leesburg VA.  I think we got settled into bed around 11:00.  This is way too late for us early birds.  Ron commutes to work 1.5 hrs each day so getting to bed early is a must for us. 

Anyway, I'm off subject aren't I?  The weather here in Western Maryland has been just beautiful the last couple days.  This morning it felt like a cool fall morning.  As we walked through the fields at the battlefield we came across several deers.  A couple were bucks which we usually don't see.  They ran for the woods as soon as they heard us.  The beagles got the scent and the beagle songs began.  Ron saw the Blue Heron down by the water, but I missed him.  We sat on a bench for a while hoping he would come back out, but he didn't.  I must admit I enjoyed our little bench break.  We gave the doggies some water and a half of a Milk Bone.  Yes, I carry treats for the dogs and no they are not spoiled at all (wink).

Last Saturday we had our With Hands and Hearts Antietam Fiber Artist Guild meeting.  The rugs everyone brought to work on and to show were simply beautiful.  Enough of me running away with the fingers I'll just show you the photos.  Enjoy!

I believe this is a Woolley Fox pattern.  Great Goat!

Elinor is working is working on this beautiful floral.  She is also a painter and quilter.  Very talented lady.

I love the soft colors in this rug. I think okay I know this is my favorite Emma Lou's Salt Box rug I have seen so far.  Okay Mary is my bestie and one of the Wool Princesses, but I don't think I'm wrong to say this rug is GORGEOUS!!

Not a good picture I know, but I had include a photo of my hubbie's wonderful horse.  He will be working on this one for a long, long time.  He hides each and every end....yes everyone.  Another Woolley Fox pattern and color plan done by Barb Carroll.  Not sure you can really see, but the background is many different greens and the horse is several different reds.  I want this rug done yesterday so I can hang it, but with his schedule it won't happen.

I have more photos, but some are dark because my battery was dying on me.

After a good charge I have some photos from Goosecreek and I'll post them I hope this weekend.

I'm going to the West Virginia Fiber Fest Hook-in tomorrow and I'm taking my camera with me.  More photos.

Mary or should I say Princess Woolley Bear are riding together and have plans for a stop at the bakery for some glazed knots.  If you don't know what they are, you don't want to because they are just soooo very good, but not good for you at all.  Also, we are leaving early enough to have time to stop at any and all yard sales we come across.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Wool

My wool order is here, Yippy!  Aay the joy of new wool!

The other side of the table is just as full and I have this really nice photo showing all the beautiful wool, but, the system won't let me post it.  No photo for you to see, sorry.

A couple weekends ago I bought some great tables at a local yard sale.  I painted the legs black to match the rest of the furniture.  As you can see they are already buried underneath a ton of wool.  I am pleased with how it all looks.  The new wool is so fabulous. 

Can you find Otis, my beagle?  His back legs are showing.  They enjoy hanging out with me in the wool room.  

Don't forget this Saturday the Hands and Hearts Antietam Fiber Artist Hooking Guild will be meeting at the Boonsboro Free Library in Boonsboro, MD 11:00 to 2:00.  Hope to see you there. 

I almost forgot.  Our guild is hosting a three day workshop with Kris Miller in November.  We have a couple spots left if you would like to sign up or if you want more information, just email me.  The deposit to hold your spot is $50.00.  It looks like it will be a great time.