Saturday, December 29, 2012

Well its been so long since I posted anything that I almost forget how.

On January 1, 2012 I made a New Years resolution and to me, a resolution is nothing less than a promise one makes to them self.  That promise was to start blogging again. 

I'm not one to break a promise even if it's just to me.  A motto I like to live by is to keep your word even to your own hurt.  In other words, keep your word even if it comes with a price tag.

I'm late keeping my promise but I'm gonna keep it.  One of my last posts I mentioned I started a new job.  I really like the people I work with, but my job isn't the easy job I was looking for.  Tax law isn't an easy subject to become an expert in.  You are constantly studying and reading the regulations and publications. 

All that to say, my only excuse is that by the time I get home from work somehow I feel like the creativity has been sucked right out of me.  I feel numb and have the strong need to vegetate on the couch with my beagles.  Excuses, excuses, I know.

I am making  some new promises for 2013 and hope to be a bit quicker at ffulfilling them next year.  What promises are you making for 2013?  Are you going to allow yourself more time to hook or are you going to try to loose that 20 lbs that you have been battling.  I think I'm just too old to make promises I can't or don't want to keep anymore.

However, I am promising myself more time to hook and read a few books this year.  I started one yesterday and it's calling my name to come and explore it's pages.  I think I will be turning pages snuggled under a warm blanket tonight.  To me that's one of the best ways to spend a Saturday night even if it's the last Saturday night of the year.

I am very close to finishing a couple rugs.  I hope to post a few pics this week.  Maybe on New Years Day.

Enjoy your New Years!  Be safe!

Let it snow!