Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Friend Thursday

Yesterday was a pretty friend filled day for me.  When I worked for a local goverment a bunch of us would go out to lunch every Thursday.  Some co-workers just couldn't understand the longevity of our lunch gang.  I think they were just jealous (it was that kind of place).  We were co-workers, but first and foremost we were friends.  Three of us out our gang had our positions eliminated and one decided to retire (smart move).  Only two of our gang members are still employed there.  We still try our best to meet every Thursday for lunch.  Yesterday was extra special because we had a couple new members join us.  They are also former employees.  Both retired last year and it was so good to see their faces again.  We have talked via the Internet and over the phone, but there is still just something special about getting together and sharing a meal.  Okay, that may sound old fashioned, but I think it is the truth. Technology is wonderful, but being able to hug someone is so much better than an email any day of the week.

After lunch I headed across town to meet my friend Sherry.  We meet a couple years back at the Woolley Fox.  We discovered we had a lot in common and hit it off right away.  We kept telling each other that we should get together, but it just didn't happen...not until a couple weeks ago.  We made plans to go to Grant Street together to hook. 

Sherry hard at work

When we arrived at Grant Street a couple ladies where already hooking their hearts out.  Sorry, I didn't get their photos.

Joannne is hard at work texting.  She was working on some small projects.  I think it was almost too hot to hook yesterday.

Linda (shop owner) is helping Jill with some color planning.  I had met Linda a couple times over the years at hook-ins and she attended a workshop our guild sponsored.  It was very nice to get to talk to her yesterday.  We talked about different teachers and her quest for her McGowan certification.  I believe Grant Street is closed next week due to Linda attending her teachers workshop up north.  Linda helps many of the hookers who come to her shop with technique and color planning.  A gifted lady for sure.

This is a rug that Pat drew up and is doing a wonderful job hooking.  She is a very neat hooker and her color choices are great.  She was laying out wools for a couple birds that you can not see.  The blues wools is what she picked out for her background.  This rug is going to be truly grand when finished.

I didn't realize until I tried to download my pics that I didn't get any pics of Kathy.  She was busy working here and there.  Sorry I missed your photo.  I'll make up for it my next trip up there. 

Yesterday was a joy.  I got to catch up with some very dear old friends while I got to know some newer ones better.

It takes me a good hour to get to Chambersburg, but I bet as long as I'm not working I'll try to get back up there.  I had a very good day indeed.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woolley Princesses

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of All Things Wool lived five fabulous wool princesses.  They love each other very much, but distance kept them apart more than they liked.  Two lived in the southern part of the Wooley Kingdom and two lived in the north and one lived in the mountains.

One glorious morning they arose early with their hearts full of excitement and anticipation for they knew this day the Wool princeses would gather with the Queen of Textures at the palace of the Woolley Fox.

The Princes of Wooly Bear Woolens in the Village of Sharpsburg left her palace and traveled in her carriage, Passat, to the Village of Keedysville where she was greeted by the Princess of Eagles Nest Woolens.  They greeted each other with love and spoke of their excitement for they knew the faithful carriage,Civic, would quickly and safely get them to their destination. 

After a few hours of travel and a stop to partake of some magic Sweet Tea the Wooley Princesses gathered at the Fort of Ligoner.  This was a safe place to meet and greet as they waited for their audience with the Queen of Textures at the Palace of the Wooley Fox.

The first to arrive was the Princess who lives in the Mountains.  She is the Wooley Princess known as the Princes of Nice.  She has a smile that melts the hearts of all who she comes in contact with. The Princess of Nice is known far and wide for her gentle spirit and her generous heart.  She came bearing gifts for all.   

Princess Wooly Bear and Eagles Nest arrived next and soon Princess Shepherd arrived from the North.  Princess Shepherd raises sheep and horses in her part of the Kingdom of All Things Wool.  She is the youngest of the Princesses, but is a wise beyond her years.  A natural leader, trusted by many.

The last to arrive was Princess Warrior who is a fierce fighter known for the many glass ceiling she has broken in her life time.  This Princess is not afraid to battle knights many times her size.  All the princesses celebrated her arrival for they knew she had to battle dragons and beast before she could leave her part of the Kingdom of All Things Wool.

All drove their carriages to the magical Palace of the Wooley Fox where they spent their day with the Queen of Textures.  They laughed, cried and fellowshipped together until it was time to return to their own villages.

When they parted from each other they were sad, but they knew it would not be too long before the Wool Princesses would gather together again to celebrate their friendship and love of all Things Wool.

Receiving wisdom from the Queen of Textures

A couple baby raccoons were sleeping on a stone wall.  I wonder where Momma had gotten to?

A flock of rubber duckies enjoying the pond on a beautiful summer day.

Through this door lays many magical patterns and wool of every color.

Princess Shepherd and Princess Wooly Bear pause under the mighty pines which grow around the Palace of Wooley Fox.

All five Wooly Princesses returned home to their part of the kingdom  where they will live happily ever after and dream of the next time they can gather together to celebrate friendship and their love of wool.

 The five wooley sisters who are princesses in my eyes are Mary, Crystal, Becky Wesley and me, Caroline.

We send our thanks to the Queen of Texture (Barb Carroll) for her love and guidance.  We all love you bunches!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Shade

I thought I would show you my new project.  I drew it off yesterday and I'm pleased with it so far.  I'm sure I'll change a couple things before it's finished.  I think it will be a fun summer time rug to hook. 

Here's a photo, might I say not a very good one, but a photo none the less.  I've started with the stems and next will be the leaves.  After that I think I'll play around with the flowers.  I am hoping to use up some of my wool worms.  I think I may have a few, what do you think?  The sad part is the boiler is full and I still have some more that are hidden under my work table. 

Under my pattern is my Sante Fe rug.  This is the biggest rug I have hooked so far.  After I finished this rug I told myself I would never hook anything that big again.  Well we all know what happens when we say a thing like that....I now want to hook a bigger rug for my living room.  Time will tell.

Here's a closer look at the pattern.  I'm calling it summer shade.  The bunny is resting in the shade of the flowers.  I was thinking about calling it a Bunny's Buffet, but decided against it.  If you garden you can relate to the frustrations of watching and waiting for your flowers to come to bloom only to find them eaten before you get to enjoy them. 

Happy hooking to you.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lion and the Lamb

I just finished my Lion and Lamb rug.  One day the Lion and the Lamb will lay down together.  Peace will rule the land.

I think it turned out pretty well.  I have to laugh though I seem to be putting teal in all my rugs or at least the last 4-5 rugs.  No more teal for a while.  Too many other colors to play with.

Did everyone get their Wool Studio swatches?  I got mine yesterday and I placed my order this morning.  The Eagles Nest Woolens shelves will be stocked full.  This mailer had some really nice colors and textures.  I hope to have them in stock next week. 

To change the subject a bit, okay more than a bit. 

Do you have a place where you can go and re-energize your spirit?  If you follow the comic strip Rose is Rose it would be like Rose and her "Lean on Tree".  A place where you can get your peace back.

I count myself lucky because I have a couple places that I am able to re-focus.  I have written about the Battlefield before, but it is such a peaceful place for me.  This morning it was hot as heck, but as I walked through the fields I was able to think through some things and calm some raw nerves. 

Hooking is another way that I can unwind.  Are you like me and hooking allows you to be transported to another place?  A place of peace and creativity?  After having 6 dogs in my house since last week I will be spending my day in the wool room just having a peaceful day.  House cleaning can happen tomorrow, for today is a day for hooking and chocolate.  No worries or work allowed.

Take time today lean on your Lean on Tree.  Wishing you a peaceful day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

With Hands and Hearts Antietam Fiber Artist

Ron and I went to the With Hands and Hearts Antietam Fiber Artist Guild meeting on Saturday.  We had a pretty good size group considering it was July 2nd.  Around here that means the big fireworks display at the Antietam Battlefield.  This years event was attended by over 30,000 people.  I'm not a large crowd kinda girl so Ron and I viewed the fireworks from the Pry House Hosptial Museum and had a wonderful time.  The Pry House is right at the end of our road so it wasn't far to go and no crowds.  We very much enjoyed the show, it was a good one this year.

Everyone is enjoying themselves either hooking or fellowshipping.  We are very lucky as a guild.  The Boonsboro Library allows us to meet there once a month in their large community room.  It's a great space wtih great lighting.

Of course I had to include a picture of my handsome husband. :-)

This is what Jenn was working on.  The pattern is by Susan Feller.  The outside border is Fraktur while the middle is left blank for you to come up with your own design.  I love the neutral middle.  This makes the colors in the border just pop.

This beauty is being hooked by Kathy.  The Goosecreek Ruggers had Eric Sandberg for a three day workshop and everyone in the group worked on the same pattern.  Each rug that I have seen so far is different as can be, but each is great. 

If you are free on the first Saturday of the month, please join us at the Boonsboro Libray.  We meet from 11:00 to 2:00.   We would love to have you come and visit with us.