Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My children

Let me introduce you to Miss Beezley.  She is 13yrs old, but she's still my baby girl.  We used to walk miles together everyday.  Now our big walk is up the driveway to fetch the newspaper.  

Last September our family expanded by two.  The little girl in purple is Maple and the little boy is Otis.  I kept telling myself when we went to the breeder that I was not going to get another dog, but to tell you the truth I had them named before I even laid eyes on them.  We just put down my Dad's beagle, Harry.  I loved that dog so very much.  My Dad had passed a few years earlier and Harry became very important to me.  I was very protective of him.  It was so hard to put him down, but he was in pain from prostate cancer. 

Several days later on the way home from work I saw a "Beagle for Sale" sign.  Well the rest is history as they say.  I have never bought a puppy from a breeder before, but I just had to have them.  They filled the empty spot in my heart from losing Harry, you might say the turned a bad situation into a good thing.  They are now 11 months old and have grown up to be beautiful dogs.  We walked three miles this morning so they are passed out right now.  I'll take some current photos in the next couple days. 

This beauty is Stash.  She has her own kitchen cabinet.  It is lower than our other cabinets because of a window and because of the doggies.  Miss Beezley just loves cat food.  She is a bit spoiled.  My hubbie carries her downstairs every morning so he can give her milk.  She loves Wal-mart brand milk and she can tell the difference if we buy another brand.  You might call her a milk snob.

Tomorrow I hope to post some of my hooked rugs.  I hope you will enjoy them.

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