Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Shade

I thought I would show you my new project.  I drew it off yesterday and I'm pleased with it so far.  I'm sure I'll change a couple things before it's finished.  I think it will be a fun summer time rug to hook. 

Here's a photo, might I say not a very good one, but a photo none the less.  I've started with the stems and next will be the leaves.  After that I think I'll play around with the flowers.  I am hoping to use up some of my wool worms.  I think I may have a few, what do you think?  The sad part is the boiler is full and I still have some more that are hidden under my work table. 

Under my pattern is my Sante Fe rug.  This is the biggest rug I have hooked so far.  After I finished this rug I told myself I would never hook anything that big again.  Well we all know what happens when we say a thing like that....I now want to hook a bigger rug for my living room.  Time will tell.

Here's a closer look at the pattern.  I'm calling it summer shade.  The bunny is resting in the shade of the flowers.  I was thinking about calling it a Bunny's Buffet, but decided against it.  If you garden you can relate to the frustrations of watching and waiting for your flowers to come to bloom only to find them eaten before you get to enjoy them. 

Happy hooking to you.

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