Friday, July 22, 2011

Good Friend Thursday

Yesterday was a pretty friend filled day for me.  When I worked for a local goverment a bunch of us would go out to lunch every Thursday.  Some co-workers just couldn't understand the longevity of our lunch gang.  I think they were just jealous (it was that kind of place).  We were co-workers, but first and foremost we were friends.  Three of us out our gang had our positions eliminated and one decided to retire (smart move).  Only two of our gang members are still employed there.  We still try our best to meet every Thursday for lunch.  Yesterday was extra special because we had a couple new members join us.  They are also former employees.  Both retired last year and it was so good to see their faces again.  We have talked via the Internet and over the phone, but there is still just something special about getting together and sharing a meal.  Okay, that may sound old fashioned, but I think it is the truth. Technology is wonderful, but being able to hug someone is so much better than an email any day of the week.

After lunch I headed across town to meet my friend Sherry.  We meet a couple years back at the Woolley Fox.  We discovered we had a lot in common and hit it off right away.  We kept telling each other that we should get together, but it just didn't happen...not until a couple weeks ago.  We made plans to go to Grant Street together to hook. 

Sherry hard at work

When we arrived at Grant Street a couple ladies where already hooking their hearts out.  Sorry, I didn't get their photos.

Joannne is hard at work texting.  She was working on some small projects.  I think it was almost too hot to hook yesterday.

Linda (shop owner) is helping Jill with some color planning.  I had met Linda a couple times over the years at hook-ins and she attended a workshop our guild sponsored.  It was very nice to get to talk to her yesterday.  We talked about different teachers and her quest for her McGowan certification.  I believe Grant Street is closed next week due to Linda attending her teachers workshop up north.  Linda helps many of the hookers who come to her shop with technique and color planning.  A gifted lady for sure.

This is a rug that Pat drew up and is doing a wonderful job hooking.  She is a very neat hooker and her color choices are great.  She was laying out wools for a couple birds that you can not see.  The blues wools is what she picked out for her background.  This rug is going to be truly grand when finished.

I didn't realize until I tried to download my pics that I didn't get any pics of Kathy.  She was busy working here and there.  Sorry I missed your photo.  I'll make up for it my next trip up there. 

Yesterday was a joy.  I got to catch up with some very dear old friends while I got to know some newer ones better.

It takes me a good hour to get to Chambersburg, but I bet as long as I'm not working I'll try to get back up there.  I had a very good day indeed.


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  1. Hey Caroline, it's ok by me that you didn't get any pictures of me :). Loved your write up of your day at Grant Street! Look forward to reading more.