Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blast from the Past

I just found this photo buried in a sub file on my laptop.  It shows my wonderful hubby, Ron, but what I really want to show off is what my attic used to look like before he converted it into my wool room.  In my last post I have a photo of my big hooking chair.  This is the same window.  How's this for a before picture?  What a difference!  Thanks to Ron for not giving up on this project.  It was horrible when we first bought the place.  This very window is where the momma buzzard would come and go. 

Jen has asked for some photos of my wool.  I'll post them tomorrow (I hope).  I have been in the kitchen the last two days over dyeing wool.  I have some pictures to post, but  first I have to download them into my computer up in the attic.  I just don't like leaving the pots while they are on the stove.

Have a wonderful Thursday night.  The weekend is coming!

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