Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fab Five

Let me introduce you to the Fabulous Five.  That's what I jokingly call us.  From the left to the right is Wes, Crystal, Me, Becky & Mary. We met at rug camp and hit it off right away.  One night we stayed up until 3:00 am just talking.  These ladies are fabulous woman who just happen to be fabulous wives, mothers, friends and hookers.  Distance keeps us apart, but when we get together it's a fabulous time.

Do you sense that I just love my friends?  I hope you have girlfriends that you can call fabulous.  They lift me up when I need it and gently correct me when I need that too.   It's kinda funny that 3 of us cross over into the dark side once in a while.  The other two are known as the nice ones.  By crossing over into the dark side I simply mean that sometimes we don't hold back our tongues and just maybe we could be a bit nicer in some situations.

Let me give you an example of crossing over to the dark side for me.  Yesterday I was waiting for a traffic light to change and a car pulled up beside me and then raced to get in front of me when the light changed.  I gassed it so he couldn't but finally let him over.  The two nice ones would never do that.  I choose to cross over into the dark side just for a couple moments, but I didn't have to.  I just sometimes can't help myself though.

Those of us fab five that are the dark ones joke that it just doesn't pay for us to do anything nice.  Today my beloved hubbie asked if I would go to the local community college to get his text book for the class he is taking in the fall.  Okay, so I told him I might or something like that.  I had a few moments to spare before I met some old work buddies for lunch.  I climbed this big hill in 100 degree weather to get his text book.  When I get into the store my cell phone doesn't have reception.  The young kid behind the counter just looked at me and told me the fall text books don't come in until July.  I call my hubbie when I get outside just to get his voice mail.  Back down the big hill I go.  A few feet from the truck the hubbie calls.  I couldn't believe it another example of me trying to be nice and it not working out.

Okay so I'm a slow learner.  After lunch I go back up the big hill in 100 degree weather.  This time I have the class name at least and a guarantee from my hubbie that they should have the book since they are using the same book from last semester.  I get there and yes they have the book, but the book company may have a newer version out by July and the book they have which will cost me over $100.00 may not be the book used by the teacher.  Back down the hill I go shaking my head and wondering why I even try to be nice.  From now on I'll leave that up to my nice fab five sisters.

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