Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wool and more Wool

Okay Jen and Mary here are some pictures of my wool.  As you will see below I have just a itty bitty amount of wool.  I would say I have a passion for wool.  At least I hope it sounds better than admitting I have a wool obsession.  I do use it!  Okay maybe I will never us all of the wool I have, but I should have what I need when I need it.  

Please remember all of this wool is not my personal stash.  A lot of it is what I have for sale in my in-house shop.  Enjoy and I hope to see you soon.

This is some of my personal stash.  As you can see I favor dark rich textures.

Yes, I have a barrel overflowing with thrift store finds.  That's how my wool stash got it's start.  I would go to the thrift stores searching for anything with a Pendleton tag.  I don't shop thrift stores so much anymore, but I used to love the thrill of the hunt.  Nothing like the rush you get when you find a treasure.  The table behind the barrel is where I keep the fat quarters and 1/2 yd pieces of wool in my shop.

The wool on the back shelf is all mine, but the other wool is for sale in my shop.  I found the old cabinet in Laughlintown PA at one of my favorite antique shops.

Some great wools for over dyeing.

Speaking of over dyeing wool.  Here's what my kitchen looks like after a dyeing marathon.  I was so glad to put everything away yesterday so I could cook a decent meal for my hubby.  We are having a baked turkey breast with glazed carrots and a cucumber (first one from our garden) salad.

Happy Saturday and relax and rest tomorrow.

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  1. Love all the wool! Ron did a great job fixing up the space! See you Saturday!