Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who said it's just for doggies

I couldn't help myself so I  had to take this photo.  When we converted our attic into a wool studio we built in a doggie cave as we call it for our beloved beagles.  Well, as you can see Miss Emmeline likes it also.  She climbed into the doggie cave and Otis immediately joined her and fell asleep. 

The puppies had a rough day that day and I guess Otis was just worn out.  He somehow got his mouth caught on Maples collar and was dragging her around the yard by her neck.  I heard this awful noise and I went running.  I can't remember the last time I ran so fast.  When I got there Miss Maple was limp and I wasn't sure she was breathing.  I blew into her little face and held her tight as I prayed.  She is okay, but her eye whites are blood red.  I think all is well, but they are no longer wearing collars only harnesses.  I was scared, but I think they were both in shock.  I held them extra tight for a couple days.  Okay I'm still holding them close.  Over protective....just a little.

Now to a happier note.

Yesterday was our monthly meeting of the With Hand and Hearts Antietam Fiber Artist Rug Hooking Guild.  Yes it's a mouthful,  but it's a name we (almost all) agreed upon.  We are a fairly new ATHA guild and we currently have 30 members.  Most of our hookers are wide cut primitives hookers, but we have some fine hookers also.  Nice mix I would say.

This beauty is a Wooley Fox pattern and was hooked by Susan Harris and colored planned by Barb Carroll.  I love the soft colors.  Susan came to my shop to pick out the yarn she is whipping with and I fell in love with this rug.

These two fabulous rugs were hooked by Jennifer.  I'm not sure about the patterns, but I know the top rug was done in a Cynthia Norwood class she taught at the last McGowan national meeting.  Not sure you can see the details of the finishing, but Jenn used the method taught by Cynthia and it looks spectacular. 

The runner below is also a rug rug colored planned with Cynthia's help at our last guild workshop held in  Sharpsburg MD.  I'm so sorry it's not a good picture.  My flash was not working correctly yesterday.  I know it's most likely me, but I'll blame it on the camera anyway.  The colors in this rug are bright and gorgeous.  Jenn dyed the purple background by using up her worms.  She used the darks in the middle and then pulled all the light worms to the edge.  This rug sparkles.  Love it!


  1. Gorgeous rugs from your guild girls! The star rug is fantastic.

    Very happy to hear about recovering pups!

  2. That little doggy cubby is just the cutest thing ever!